Anna E Weiser is a composer, sound artist and vocalist, with an acoustic intermedia art and research approach in her work. Her interests are acoustic communication and ecology, tone and tonus in relation to room, place and body, improvisation and composition. She holds a master degree in intermedia composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Her artistic focus is spatial sensibility and listening, and the work is influenced by music- and dance-improvisation, as well as research on sound, ambience and resonance. She collaborates with artists/researchers in Sweden and abroad.

She grew up, and now live again since many years on the island Gotland in Sweden. Since ten years back she is, together with her husband Wolfgang Weiser, teacher of the Alexander Technique, theatre- and circus teacher, juggler, running a summer circus school for children and youth, which is now developing into Vibrationsverket  (Vibration Plant), an artistic experimental “node” for Sound- and Balance issues.

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